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Supply Chain Solutions

ANJI USA aims to be more than a supply chain solutions provider. We desire to be a partner in guiding the development, implementation and maintenance of optimal supply chain solutions.

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Adaptive Technologies

Our technology solutions can automate the sort, pick, stock and transport processes in our customer's facility creating a more productive, safe and cost efficient workplace and even more!

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E-Commerce Solutions

As one of the world’s leading logistics service providers, we’re passionate about adding more value to our customer's E-Commerce business and boost our customer's ROI.

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Grow With Anji

We always look for passionate and smart leaders to join our team. A strong foundation in their field and enthusiasm for continued learning will ensure a long bright future for our employees.

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Are you new to working with Anji? Get a quote for Global forwarding, warehousing, transportation, strategic planning and more. Let us help you solve your supply chain challenges.

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Our Company Advantages

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Finished Vehicle Logistics

By integrating all different logistics resources, Anji provide customers with an advanced logistics solutions to help customers promote logistical efficiencies and eliminate errors through the development of standards and guidelines, so that our customers can focus on the development of core competitiveness.

Warehousing & Value-Add Services

We are dedicated to providing specialized warehousing and distribution solutions engineered to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Global Forwarding

Building off strengths in Asia, we are opening ourselves to the world. We work to grow our global network to be ready to address all of your Global forwarding needs.


Through our network of partners, we strive for on time delivery of every shipment.

New Technology. Smart. Your Way.

Our technology solutions can semi or fully-automate the sort, pick, stock and transport processes in your facility creating a more productive, safe and cost-efficient workplace.


Automated Guided

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Automated Storage and
Retrieval Systems

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AP Robot


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Vertical Carousel
Storage System

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Our Social Responsibility

We remain conscious of our impact on the environment and community through all aspects of business. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by recycling, conserving resources and properly managing hazardous inventory. 

Anji USA Social Responsibility