About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a globally recognized and trusted leader in innovative supply chain solutions.

Our Company

Anji Logistics, USA founded in December 2016, is the North America branch of China's largest automotive logistics service provider, Anji Automotive Logistics. Through our network of licensed partners, Anji can offer services such as: International Freight Forwarding, Custom Brokerage, Inbound / Outbound Logistics, Automotive After Sale Service, Finished Vehicle Transportation, Domestic and Cross Border Transportation, and Warehousing Management (including packaging, repackaging, kitting, and sequencing).

About Us

As a service partner, our people are our greatest assets. Our family is made up of passionate, knowledgeable, visionary members who work together to meet the needs of our customers. We maintain open minds and doors to encourage collaboration and teamwork between departments and personnel.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop optimal logistics solutions through global partnerships, passionate personnel and continuous improvement of services.

Our Strength

Anji Logistics USA Inc's solutions are made possible by the combination of our people and systems. Our employees are experts in their fields and continue to maintain their expertise through continued learning and succession planning. Our systems are advanced and can be tailored to the unique requirements of each customer. We understand that the best solution is something different to each customer and we will continue to provide customized solutions to meet every expectation.

Our History

  • 1989

    February 1989

    Anji’s Predecessor: SAIC Long March Storage and Transportation Department established and started its normal Operation

  • 1992

    April 1992

    Anda transportation company established

  • 1993

    March 1993

    Anting main warehouse established

  • 1994

    May 1994

    Ansheng Ship company established

  • 1995

    January 1995

    Andong Railway Company established, company became a water, road and railway fully integrated transportation system.

  • 2000

    August 2008

    Anda transportation company change its name to Anji Logistics, emphasis on providing 3PL service.

  • 2002

    June 2002

    Anji joined venture with Holland TNT, established auto part logistics business

  • 2003

    December 2003

    Anji joint ventured with Shanghai International Port Group established Haitong Port

  • 2009

    January 2009

    SAIC reorganize its subsidiary logistics company and upgrade ANJI as a tier one subsidiary company.

  • 2013

    October 2013

    Anji Joint ventured with NYK, established Anji Japan Post Thailand company.

  • 2014

    December 2014

    Acquired SACI Info, start to build up logistics information technology.

  • 2015

    July 2015

    First AGV designed and successfully tested.

  • 2016

    December 2016

    ANJI USA established in Warren, Michigan.

  • 2017

    April 2017

    PT. Puninar AnJi NYK Logistics Indonesia established.

    April 2017

    SAIC-Anji AI Lab established

    August 2017

    Anji Express (Shanghai) Co.Ltd established

    September 2017

    Commercial Vehicle & Equipment Logistics Business Unit established

Ideas In Action

We will continue to develop smarter solutions to guide and support the advancement of our customers. Our ability to customize services to individual needs will keep us, and you, at the forefront of market trends


Weigang Chen

Allan was assigned to develop and lead the Anji Logistics USA team after seven years as the Executive Director of Operations and Business Development at Anji Automotive Logistics Company Ltd. His passion for business development and excellent leadership abilities guided three start-up businesses in China and is proving successful once again with our company in North America. When he is not in the office or visiting customers, Allan enjoys attending MSU football games where his son attends college and visiting North America’s most popular tourist destinations.

Haijun Zhao
Vice President and Finance Director
Haijun Zhao Picture

Immediately after graduating from university, Navy began his career at Anji Logistics USA’s ultimate parent company, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). In 2012, he became the Finance Director of Anji Automotive Logistics where he served five years overseeing the business and finance strategies of the Company. In 2017, Navy was selected to support Allan in the development and leadership of Anji Logistics USA. Navy practices yoga daily to refocus and prepare himself for the day. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and son who attends Seaholm High School.

Lance Greene
I.T. Solutions Manager

Lance joined the Anji team in January of 2018. He brings over 22 years of Information Technology, Project Management, Industrial Controls and Industrial Automation experience to the Company