Tailored Superior Service to meet your everyday business needs

It is our passion to bring together our combined knowledge and experience to help analyze, find improvements, implement and optimize your company's Logistics and supply chain operations. We aim to bridge the world of 3PL service and bring in a new world of optimizing technology for all customers, and this is something that sets Anji apart from other Logistics suppliers.

How can we help your business?

First off, we understand that not all businesses have the same needs as others within your industry. We also understand that in the world of 3PL's, some businesses may not fit the profit model for other companies and in turn don’t get the attention that they deserve. We do not see this as an issue for us but more an invite to see where we can be more than a service provider to your company. We want to be your pivotal service partner, where we grow your global business through our services and technology and in turn help grow our brand and our US business at the same time.

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